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Program Committee

Ihsan Solaroglu (Turkey) Scientific Programme Director & Committee Chairman


Uwe Max Mauer (Germany) Military Neurosurgeons Committee
Engelbert KNOSP (Austria) Neuroendocrine Committee
Henry SCHROEDER (Germany) Neuroendoscopy Committee
Gelareh ZADEH (Canada) Neurooncology Committee
Ali REZAI (USA) Neuromodulation Committee
Wai POON (China, HK) Neurorehabilitation & Reconstructive Neurosurgery Committee
Vladimir BENES (Czech Republic) Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee
Kaoru KURISU (Japan) Neurosurgical Technology Committee
Andrew MAAS (Belgium) Neurotraumatology Committee
Graham FIEGGEN (South Africa) Pediatric Neurosurgery Committee
Mariano SOCOLOVSKY (Argentina) Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee
Vedantam RAJSHEKHAR (India) Radiosurgery Committee
KyuSung Lee (South Korea) SkullBase Surgery Committee
Enrique OSORIOFONSECA (Colombia) Spine Committee
Joachim Krauss (Germany) Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Committee

AC Members

YongKwang TU (Taiwan)
Franco SERVADEI (Italy)
Basant K. MISRA (India)
Christopher M. LOFTUS (USA)
Amir SAMII (Germany)
Uğur Türe (Turkey)