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Luncheon Symposia

What is the Next Evolution of Multi-modality Imaging and Robotics in Neurosurgery?
Date: 21.08.2017  Time: 13:00 - 14:00  Hall: Beyazit
Robert F. Spetzler
Evaluation of Digital Hybrid Approach: Adopting Visualization to Your Surgical Need and Leveraging of Teaching Capabilities Robert F. Spetzler
Evaluation of Next Generation Kinematics and Its Clinical Applicability Y. Sukru Caglar
Discussion of Potential Clinical Impact of A Novel Micro-Inspection Tool Complementing the Microsurgical Visualization Talat Kiris

Luncheon Symposium - Medtronic
Date: 22.08.2017  Time: 13:00 - 14:00  Hall: Beyazit
Advanced Navigation Techniques Combined Ultrasound Talat Kiris

Eurospine Luncheon Symposium "Advances in Metastatic Spine Tumors"
Date: 23.08.2017  Time: 13:00 - 14:00  Hall: Emirgan-1
Serdar Kahraman
Classifications of Metastatic Spine Tumors Serdar Kahraman
Novel Surgical Approaches to Metastatic Spine Tumors Erkan Kaptanoglu
Horizons of Radiosurgery for Spine Metastasis Sait Sirin

LS - AONeuro Lunchoen Symposium Education and Training in Neurosurgery, A Call for Global Harmonization
Date: 24.08.2017  Time: 13:00 - 14:00  Hall: Emirgan-1
Christian Matula
Welcome/introduction to Symposium Christian Matula
Welcome/introduction to Symposium Franco Servadei
Education and Training in Neurosurgery—A Global Issue Franco Servadei
Education and Training in Neurosurgery—Methods and Techniques Christian Matula
Education and Training in Neurosurgery—Who is Paying? Anthony Figaji
Education and Training in Neurosurgery—The Role of Mentors Yoko Kato
Take Home Messages Franco Servadei
Take Home Messages Christian Matula