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Founded in 1955, the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) is a professional, scientific, non-governmental organization comprising  5 Continental Associations, 115 National Neurosurgical Societies and 7 Affiliate Societies, representing some 30,000 neurosurgeons worldwide.

The WFNS is governed by an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of two delegates from each member society and an administrative council composed of the officers of the federation, who are elected every four years. The EC meets every two years and is guided by the administrative council which meets at least annually.

The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies aspires to promote global improvement in neurosurgical care. The mission of the WFNS is to work together with member societies to improve worldwide neurosurgical care, training and research to benefit the patients.

The goals of the WFNS are deliberated and pursued through scientific, standing and ad-hoc committees and during the International Congress of Neurosurgery which takes place every four years.

The WFNS works to increase visibility and credibility of its activities among neurosurgeons, researchers, other health professionals, international professional organizations and the general public. This is accomplished through publications, surveys, campaigns, a website and cooperation with other medical and lay organization.

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